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We are passionate about spreading Hope, Faith and Compassion. From Anti-trafficking to Cuts For a Cause we are committed to changing lives.

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Our Mission

compassion-hands-squareWe are creating a better tomorrow for children, youth, and adults in our communities and around the world. We do this through serving those in need, providing support to families, and engaging in authentic community with the people in our cities.

holdin-child-squareWe are taking action to gather resources so that we can offer help to those that are hurting locally and internationally. Every year, Champions Foundation gives thousands of dollars, volunteer hours, and pounds of food to people in need.

faith-girl-squareChampions Foundation has developed strategic partnerships with organizations across the US and all over the world to help further the mission of bringing faith and restoration to communities everywhere. Through Champion Foundation’s work with several key faith-based organizations, people everywhere are being given the opportunity to live full, productive lives with meaning and purpose.

africa-kids-education-squareWhen a community grows in knowledge, they are better equipped to move life forward towards greater potential.  Champions Foundation initiates opportunities which bring awareness through solution-oriented options, providing resources and collaborating with professionals who have experienced success.

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