Keirstan’s Story: Why I #WalkForFreedom


We asked a Champions Foundation Volunteer, Kierstan, what inspired her to be involved in the #WalkForFreedom. Here is her response: 

What are you passionate about?

That was the question I was asked numerous times in my life. But for some reason, growing up I just never found what that was. I had things I liked and things I was good at, but there was never something I was really passionate about. 

I remember Pastor Sheila saying, “Usually what makes you angry or upset has to do with what you’re passionate about”.

But growing up nothing really made me angry. That was until I heard one statistic that literally stopped me in my tracks and struck me to the core. The moment I stopped in my tracks was on a missions trip partnering with the Dream Center in New York City. We all paused in the middle of Times Square and one of the leaders told us that Time Square was, in fact, one of the largest Human and Sex Trafficking areas in New York. But, like everyone else that walks the same path everyday on these same streets, you would never know it because it’s hidden.

This piece of information made me upset and saddened me at the same time. And for the first time in my life I felt a flame ignite in my heart and I knew I wanted to– no, had to– do something about it.

With no clue really where to start, I heard Champions Foundation was participating in the A21 Campaign, Walk for Freedom. I figured that would be a good first step for me. I signed up and from then on my life completely changed. I was so inspired by the representation the walk had in the community that I looked further into what A21 Campaign was doing and saw they had a volunteer program. Something in my spirit said this was my next step. So, I took a leap of faith and applied. And. . . I was accepted! I moved from Washington to California to be an intern at the A21 office.

When we take bold steps of faith, God not only began to reveal what I was passionate about, but also shaped me into the person he called me to be to fulfill the role. Fast forward to one year later, October 2017 I will be doing my second Walk for Freedom with an even more passionate heart to see slavery end in my lifetime.

I don’t know where you are at today. If you already know what you’re passionate about or, like me years ago, you don’t? Be encouraged that often times passion is revealed through steps of faith, bold, uncomfortable and always meaningful steps. Maybe that first step is to sign up for Walk for Freedom, or to give to Champions Foundation. You never know whose life can be affected because of something so simple but purpose-filled as bringing awareness to your community. It could be that one step of faith that could forever change someone else’s life and yours. 

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