Streets of Hope with Search & Rescue


It’s hard to explain how powerful it has been to serve on the Champions Foundation team with Search & Rescue. It’s one of those things where you need to see it to believe it. More than that, I didn’t realize the impact I personally could have on others until I started serving them and seeing it with my own eyes.

Every month, we serve the homeless community— some who have been on the streets for years and have no hope for the future.  Being out in the streets with the lost and hurting is a powerful use of time and has shown many of us how to be a light and help people in our community that most people wouldn’t stop and help.

Many people may not know that Search & Rescue is the starting point to get people off the streets for good. It’s a resource of new life. We start by giving the homeless community supplies they need (toiletries, warm clothes, a hot meal, etc.), and then give them a way to get through the days to come. Each person we encounter is invited back to the Rescue Mission for a safe night off the streets and an opportunity to enter the New Life Program.  

Three things that impact me the most are:

  1.    The facial expressions of the first time volunteers from Champions Foundation. Even serving once completely shifts their perspective of the day-to-day life of others.
  2.    When the people we connect with on the streets serve and say, “Thank you and God bless you for doing this”. The genuine gratitude that comes from their hearts is priceless.
  3.    Every time I hear about someone being brought off the streets back to the shelter, and especially when they go beyond just being brought to the shelter for a night but also taking the next step to better their life by entering the New Life Program.

We deliver a message of hope to those with no hope— I love to say that the Search and Rescue outreach team are the neighborhood hope dealers!

Sean, Champions Foundation Team. 

Every month, Champions Foundation partners with the Tacoma Rescue Mission for Search & Rescue. Sign up HERE to join us!

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