Search & Rescue – John’s Story

John is just 31 years old – he served in our armed forces for 8 years including 3 tours in combat zones. He has two young children that are his only motivation to keep living… You see he suffers from PTSD and became addicted to alcohol as an escape and coping strategy which caused him to lose his job last year, then his home, and now all he owns are the clothes on his back and shattered dreams of being a good father. The brokenness of his heart can only be mended by the healing hope of Jesus!

Champions Foundation contributed in the purchase of the Rescue Mission’s new Search & Rescue Van, designed to reach people just like John. Teams of volunteers, including many from Champions Foundation, go out to the streets every weekend to share this hope! Just 2 weeks ago the team met up again with John in a sober state and had an encouraging conversation about God’s unwavering love for him. Through streaming tears he prayed to God and made a plan for recovery. He went from desperate and hopeless to being able to see a positive future for himself. There are hundreds of people in our city experiencing homelessness- who like John, have a story that matters… if only someone would listen.

Since launching the Search & Rescue program in December 2015 – They’ve logged 1,565 ministry encounters with individuals living on our streets. Each one receiving a meal and encouragement! They provide much needed items like blankets and socks – while also offering a ride back to the mission for a safe night’s stay.

Champions Foundation is a key partner in this program, I couldn’t do it without them!

-Search & Rescue Crew, Volunteers