Hurricane Harvey

 As I left Houston on Thursday, the reality of the incoming storm was starting to set in.  And since then, we have been overwhelmed with needs we’ve heard and seen…

Right now, people in Houston, Texas are being heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We have heard dozens of stories about homes, churches, buildings, roads, and more being destroyed by the storm… and they have reports of days of rain left so the damage is expected to get worse.

We know that financial assistance is the greatest need as the local communities begin to prepare for relief efforts. We are stepping up as a community to let those being impacted know that they are not alone. Along with many others, Champions Foundation is keeping everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey in our prayers.

We are also stepping up and supporting financially. You can give by clicking the donate button listed above. Be sure to select Hurricane Relief Fund. All donations are going directly to help those on the front lines of this flood. They can use all the help we can get.

Thank you for supporting with your prayers and finances! Together, we can help lift some of the weight.

-Champions Foundation Team

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