“Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give”.

We all have something to give someone else. A word of encouragement, a listening ear, quality time where comfort is needed or an act of serving to show them God’s love. Often times we count ourselves out of participating at an event or volunteering with a team because of time, or thinking we have to have certain skills to show up. At Champions Foundation we encourage you not to count yourself out and remember that your presence, your smile, and your willingness to just show up counts more than any skill we think is needed to serve others. You have the opportunity to give your time and talents (smiling is a talent!) to remind local under-resourced women of their worth and that they were created for such a time as this. There are hundreds of women lacking crucial resources in the Puget Sound area, and a majority of these women are living in shelters, low-income housing, or out on the street. Sometimes these women are running from a threatening or violent situation, and many are on this tough journey with their children.

We want to express God’s love in practical ways by offering free services, such as: haircuts, manicures, makeup, etc. We are partnering with Step by Step in hopes to bless these women in need and YOU CAN HELP.

Sign up to serve at our 2018 Oxygen Cares event happening Friday, May 11. Whether you have skills in hair and makeup, or you want to help host these women, we have a spot for you!

One thing’s for sure, if you come on your own, you won’t be alone for long. Our amazing team is ready to meet you, greet you, and introduce you to someone new! Let’s be friends!

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