Washington Trafficking Prevention

Washington Trafficking Prevention is a human rights organization addressing sex and labor trafficking in Washington State through prevention and early intervention initiatives.  From policy work at the state legislature to grassroots community activism and professional engagement, we seek to make WA State incompatible to human trafficking.  Washington Trafficking Prevention (WTP) aims to prevent human trafficking in Washington State by equipping the vulnerable and engaging communities.  We approach anti-human trafficking efforts through legislative advocacy, professional engagement, primary prevention and community grassroots partnerships – a symbiotic relationship that sustains and informs our work at multiple levels.  Our policy initiatives, innovative programs and community Coalitions Against Trafficking are integral to creating sustainable and permanent change in Washington State.

Human trafficking is defined as the use of force, fraud, or coercion to make an individual work in ANY industry.  Victims can be men, women, and children of all socioeconomic status, education, backgrounds, nationalities and professions.

As a result of its coastal location, Washington State is a major hotbed of sex trafficking – particularly along the I-5 corridor.  Victims may be trafficked into the U.S. from overseas and forced to labor or be prostituted through violence, threats and coercion.  Or, they are increasingly U.S. citizens lured into a lifestyle from which escape can be impossible without outside intervention.