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One day we received this inquiry followed by a plaguing question: “I received this text message, what’s your advice?”  The forwarded message read: “I think my granddaughter is being trafficked.”  More people than we are aware of can relate, in some form or another to this unimaginable possibility. Maybe it’s not a granddaughter.  Maybe it’s a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, a student, a stranger…maybe the reader of this blog.  Victims are often hidden and…silent; that’s why their vulnerability has made them a target.

Silence, however, is not always a good answer. There must be a place to go for the multitudes of scenarios, like the one mentioned above, that are currently happening in our communities.  “What if there was one resource that would not only offer help, but list professionals qualified in the areas of intervention as well as prevention, education, awareness and training?”  Yes, these do exist, some of them right in our own cities and counties!  Would you know how to find them?

Champions Foundation has a team who works in collaboration with local coalitions and networks to end exploitation in our neighborhoods.  By raising the level of awareness about Human Trafficking, we can offer direction to resources that will provide hope and restoration while creating a venue of prevention for this and future generations.

So here are three essential questions: 1) What do you know? 2) What do you see? 3) What can you do?  The Human Trafficking INFORMATION GUIDE | Pierce County PLUS is a simple booklet containing over 100 resources that offer both local and global best practices.  You can become apart of the solution!

The Champions Foundation Anti-trafficking Team has produced two resources:

Human Trafficking INFORMATION GUIDE 2017 (45 pages)

Human Trafficking RESOURCE DIRECTORY January 2018 UPDATED (170 pages)

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